Skype Consultations

Nina offers Skype consultations to climbers who are struggling to find local therapists who have a solid grasp on the mechanisms of climbing as a sport, and its associated injuries. Nina is happy to liaise with any local doctors, therapists, climbing coaches and/or personal trainers after the consultation to help with further investigation and/or with the rehabilitation plan.

The Skype consultation is NOT a full physiotherapy assessment. Nina will be able to do a partial assessment by observing some joint mobility, flexibility and strength tests that are easy to perform in front of a screen. Nina will communicate beforehand about any exercise equipment you have on hand to help the assessment. You will be able to discuss in detail, in climbing terms, how your injury came about and your return to climbing plan. Nina asks for a history of your injury by email beforehand, to get a head start before the consultation session. She also asks you to fill in the standard medical and personal history questionnaire ahead of time, so she has as much information as possible leading up to the Skype consultation.

After the consultation Nina will be able to advise you on a rehabilitation plan for your injury and offer advice accordingly. She will always advise you to seek a full physiotherapy and/or medical examination if you continue to have medical issues.


Send her an email to enquire:

£70/115$CAD per hour Skype consultation and £20/$30CAD for correspondence post consultation for the rehab plan discussed. The £90/$145 total is to be paid immediately after the Skype consultation before the rehab plan is sent.  This includes follow up correspondence.  Follow up Skype chats are £30-£45/$45-$73 depending on length of time.

Climbing related finger injuries are easily discussed using a Skype consultation. I have discussed a fair few cases now with success. Normally finger injuries require 2-3 sessions in order to get through Stage 1 (early recovery rehabilitation), Stage 2 (mid stage rehabilitation involving weighted strength training), and Stage 3 involving end stage, sport specific rehab using a finger board. Finger injuries are fairly straight forward to do over Skype as the basic palpation (hands on) tests can be done by the climber with Nina’s guidance. Again if Nina suspects that the climber requires more specific hands on tests then she can make recommendations about seeing a local physiotherapist, or hand specialist.

Nina also has experience conducting Skype consultations for shoulder, elbow, wrist and knee issues.

What do Climbers say about a Skype Consult with Nina?

Dr Peri Karageorgopoulos

Nina on Skype got me climbing again!

After 2 years suffering with climbing induced, chronic elbow injuries Nina helped me recover, stay injury free and climb harder than ever at 44y/o! And all this through Skype! 

If you are reading this, you hopefully already know that Nina is leading the way in terms of climbing-specific injury rehabilitation. 

It took me a couple of years of seeing various generalist health professionals (Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors) and no improvement, to realise that specialist help was my only hope. Nina was based too far for me to visit so we had consultations through Skype.

I found the Skype sessions relaxed and comfortable (I was at home!) but effective. They saved me time and money (did not have to travel), but most importantly they got me access to an expert climbing physio who otherwise I would have not been able to see. Now I am well on the way to recovery and climbing a grade higher than my pre injury best!  

I highly recommend Skype consultations with Nina.