For Climbers

Skype Consultations

Nina offers Skype consultations to climbers who are struggling to find local therapists who have a solid grasp on the mechanisms of climbing as a sport, and its associated injuries. Nina is happy to liaise with any local doctors, therapists, climbing coaches and/or personal trainers after the consultation to help with further investigation and/or with the rehabilitation plan.  The Skype consultation is NOT a full physiotherapy assessment but will help towards your rehabilitation plan.

Reading for Climbers

Check out Nina’s articles about climber’s finger, climber’s elbow & shoulder injuries.  As well as working with & treating junior/youth climbers.  

Check out her advice sheets in Resources.

1-to-1 Climber Physiotherapy

Nina is currently practicing from Reach Physio Solutions, Squamish, B.C.

604 815 9864


Climber Screening

Highlight your strengths and weaknesses in flexibility, joint mobility, muscle strength and imbalance.  This is an excellent way to start if you have a few different niggles, and/or are wanting to improve your climbing grade and are stuck at a plateau.  Addressing your weaknesses will also help towards injury prevention and becoming more robust if an injury was to occur.